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Honoring Demma Rosa Rodriguez as the recipient of the First Inaugural Hank Williams Trailblazer Awards

Demma has been at Google for almost 7 years. Prior to working at Google, she worked at a startup, Tortus Creative, where she led the company in technical consulting, managing 90% of all revenue generating clients. She was the lead solutions engineer at Tortus for 5 years, before being recruited to Google NYC in 2011.

From 2011 to 2014, Demma worked in gTech at Google, leading Google Publishers clients through difficult and highly technical implementations of Google ad serving products. In 2015, Demma decided to return to her true love, conceptualizing and designing applications for business.  She transferred into Google's Corporate Engineering division, where she served as product lead for Google's new staffing requisition system (launched in late 2017).

In June of 2017, Demma conceptualized and launched a brand new initiative at Google, Equity Engineering. Equity Engineering is focused on ensuring Google HR products support equitable process outcomes for all Google employees. Demma is leading the charge to change the Tech industry by centering engineering teams in the challenge to build the best products for a diverse workforce and world. She leads a team working across all enterprise products at Google that support their workforce, including hiring and performance evaluation systems. 

Equity Engineering is partnered with the People Operations and Diversity & Inclusion teams at Google. 

Demma is a powerful advocate for Afro-Diasporan communities. Within Google, Demma is the Global co-lead of the Black Googler Network and co-president of Allies NYC. She has mentored over 100 Black Googlers during her tenure, and onboarded/trained over 400 Googlers overall.

Most importantly, Demma is the proud mother of a brilliant 10 year old, Isaiah. She lives with her son and their dog, Miloh, in Riverdale.