April 11, 2018

All Star Code 5th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration

Honoring the Legacy of Hank Williams
Tech Trailblazer. Diversity Advocate.
Founder and CEO of Platform.


5th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Cocktail Attire

The High line Hotel
The Refectory

All Star Code is celebrating five years of growth mindset through our pillars of dare greatly; celebrating failure; and telling your story

Presenting Demma Rosa Rodriguez the inaugural Hank Williams Trailblazer Award

Event Hosts:

Elliott Breece, Sheldon Gilbert, Broderick Johnson, Richard Kerby, Rebecca Morse, Tyler Morse , Robert Reffkin, Tarek Sherif and Marissa Shorenstein

ASC Board of Directors:
Christina Lewis, David B. Orr, Diana Miller, Derek Jean-Baptiste, Denmark West, Hugh Molotsi, Marcus Mitchell and Randolph Adler, Jr.

Featuring Interactive Demonstrations by
All Star Code Students and Alumni

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About the Kick-Off Celebration

All Star Code will kick off the celebration of the organization’s fifth anniversary with a cocktail event featuring interactive demonstrations by All Star Code students and alumni. To mark the fifth anniversary milestone, the event will recognize and honor All Star Code’s original supporters as well as new allies. We will celebrate the successes of the past five years while looking towards the future and all of the exciting opportunities to come.